Individual Services

Individual Services:

Symphony isn’t just about businesses; it’s also about helping individuals learn the basics of taxation and finances.  No one should be left in the financial dust, and that’s why Symphony works for everyone. Even if you don’t own a business, you still need help with personal finances, such as tax preparation, tax resolution, budgeting, and/or financial purchases. Knowing how to properly prepare your timely submitted taxes can save you money, and knowing how to prepare and provide a personal financial statement can help out immensely in various situations, like applying for a loan.

Our Individual Tax Services Include:

  • Federal and State Tax Preparation (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • Tax Representation and Advocate Services
    • IRS Audit and Collections
    • Payment Plan Request
    • Release of Levy/Lien
    • Settling Tax Debt
    • Audit Representation
    • Unfiled Tax Returns and Amended Tax Returns
    • IRS/Tax Authority Notices
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Purchases and Investments
  • Real Estate Transactions & Purchases
  • Income Tax Planning and Projections